Here, we answer some common questions concerning our experiences with the BeaglePhone, from the design process to what we learned.

Q: What inspired you to take on this project?

A: TI’s annual Intern Design Challenge, like we mentioned in our About page, gave us the means and initial spark to begin building something. After we found our team, we brainstormed a bunch of ideas, weighing all the pros and cons. We needed a project that was challenging, but not so time-consuming that it would take away from the work we already had as interns. In the end we chose the phone because we wanted to demystify the processes behind a device that everyone uses, and to put a design out there that other DIYers could build off of.

Q: From your experience in this project, what changes would you make to your design and what would you suggest to those that want to take on similar projects?

A: We talk about what we learned and changes that we would make in What We Learned.

Q: Where can I find your GitHub repository and social media links?

A: You can access them by clicking on the cool little buttons on the bottom right of our website.


Social media link buttons

Q: This is cool! What can I do to show my support?

A: Build your own BeaglePhone! This is a completely open-source design – we are not looking to make monetary profit off of this in any way. You can also spread awareness about our project and design by using #BeaglePhone on your social media accounts.


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