What We Learned

Through this project each of us learned and gained so much. Despite many obstacles that came up, we were able to work through them and want to share our struggles and knowledge so other DIYers inspired by our project can do even better.

What was one thing we each took from the experience?

Sean: For a technical project, this was the first time I took charge of a group like this. I learned a lot about characterizing deadlines, managing work volumes, and preparing for unexpected challenges (whether technical or otherwise).

Patrick: Almost of my programming experience has been in C so this project gave me a lot of experience working with C++.   This is also the first time that I have ever designed a GUI.

Vanessa: This was my first time using Linux so I learned A LOT of command line stuff as well as navigating Linux machines.

Like we said, we encountered a few problems while we were designing. What are some things we would suggest to those that want to recreate this project?

Sean: Rich AT command support is the heart of any M2M project. Study your SIM modules and command sets in order to develop robust hardware and software.

Patrick: Make sure that you have a plan set out  from the beginning that will outline how everything and everyone will be working together.  A high level of coordination within the group can do wonders for any group project, but especially with something that has this many different parts to it.

Vanessa: I worked a lot with the SM5100B while getting serial connection started up, and I have to say, not the best documentation. Thanks to Google and the comments on each product page, we were able to get the module up and running. Embrace the internet! The hobbyist community is huge and there is a lot of information out there.