Every year, interns spending their summers at Texas Instruments are challenged to test their creativity, technical prowess & might in a competitive design challenge based on TI technology. This year, we are challenging our interns to create a solution based on a TI MCU LaunchPad or the BeagleBone Black.


Banner for TI’s Intern Design Challenge 2014 Source:http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/File:2014Banner.png

The Texas Instruments Intern Design Challenge gave us the means to embark on this journey. The rules of the challenge are simple. Participants must be active interns at TI in the US during the summer of the challenge and, in teams of no more than three, participants must create a design based on an MCU Launchpad or BeagleBone Black. Texas Instruments provides one MCU Launchpad or BeagleBone Black for teams to use in their design. Once news of the design challenge reached us here in Tucson, we knew we had to do it.

Since the Tucson campus is relatively small, a meeting was sent out for all the interns to get together and find teammates for the challenge. After this meeting, three teams emerged from Tucson to rise to the challenge, one of them being us, the BeaglePhone team. We decided to do this project because not only was it feasible, it was challenging and would teach each of us something new. Whether this newfound knowledge was in PCB design, software development, or just plain old soldering, each of us knew that we would learn a lot from this (seemingly) simple project. The goal: make a phone that could send and receive calls and text messages. The design was broken up into two main parts, hardware and software, and each team member picked up tasks that best suited his or her skills. Now, after a month of hard work, the BeaglePhone team is proud to demo the project in Dallas for Texas Instrument’s 2014 Intern Design Challenge.

More details of the challenge can be found here: http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/2014_Intern_Design_Challenge

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Your awesome BeaglePhone team.