LCD Cape

We used the BeagleBone Black 4.3″ LCD cape from 4D Systems for our touch LCD screen. This cape is specifically designed for the BBB and provides a 4.3″ primary display for direct user interaction and information display. We used the touch version (4DCAPE-43T) in our project.



Front screen. The LCD Cape features 7 push buttons for LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, ENTER, RESET, and POWER, as well as 2 LEDs to indicate Power and User Status.

One thing we want to say about the screen is that it isn’t the best touchscreen in the world. Generally, response is good, but as you get close the edges of the screen, the cursor is not able to reach any icons on the edges. We had to place the tip of our stylus a couple of cm away from the edge to access our top icons.


Back of the cape.

The LCD Cape requires a 1.5 A current limited 5 V backlight. This influenced many hardware design considerations.