BeagleBone Black

The BeagleBone Black (BBB) is a community-supported development project geared towards developers and hobbyists. It features an AM335x 1 GHz ARM processor and is software compatible with Debian, Android, Ubuntu, Cloud9, Angstrom, and more. We chose the BBB because of its powerful ARM architecture, its low cost, and its large support community. We used Rev B and Rev C in our project, and used Angstrom as our OS.

The BBB has five UART channels. After some layout considerations we decided to use UART 4 for our TX/RX communications. The TX/RX pins of the BBB were connected to the RX/TX pins of the GSM module.

More info on the BeagleBone Black can be found on the BeagleBoard site:


Top view of the BeagleBone Black.


Bottom view of the BeagleBone Black.